Satanic Sacrifice at Safeway
An Ongoing Investigation

William H. Kennedy

        Arizona shooter Jared Loughner practiced Santa Muerte (Saint Death) cult rites.  Santa Muerte followers  venerate the Grim Reaper (Angel of Death) in Latin America and especially Mexico.  The sect believes that devotion to the robe clad goddess with a skeleton's face will protect them from harm and adherents perform Black Magic hexing rituals in front of their morbid deity.  There even have been reports of this Satanic church  performing human sacrifice ceremonies and operating a major drug and human trafficking network. [1]   The Santa Muerte religion has attracted millions of devotees most of whom are seeking some sort of protection and solace during the recent hard years that Mexico has faced with its deadly drug cartel war and is especially popular with criminals. [2]

        In a very strange YouTube video Arizona shooter Jared Loughner emerges dressed as the Grim Reaper [3] and sets an American flag on fire in front of a makeshift /natural altar (left).  Jared was a fanatic follower of the punk band Anti-Flag.   Loughner also set up a skull veneration altar at his home (right) with white votive candles and rotting fruit common to the Grim Reaper Black Magic belief system. [4] These two compelling pieces of evidence prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Loughner was a devotee of the Santa Muerte cult and, as shall be demonstrated, the shootings that took place on January 8, 2011 were in fact a ritual cult murder which targeted two of the Santa Muerte sect's biggest enemies -- Rep Gabrielle Giffords and Judge John Roll.

David Romo (left) with his Grim Reaper  goddess & Santa Meurte Drug Lord Osiel Cardenas (far right)

        Strangely, a major leader in the Santa Muerte cult in Mexico David Romo, a self proclaimed Archbishop in this diabolical faith, was indicted by Mexican police on January 5, 2011 ( just 3 days before the shootings in Arizona) for racketeering charges including kidnapping and money laundering. [5]   A former Roman Catholic Priest Romo is reported to have over 5 million followers and has stated that his arrest was politically motivated.  In his various criminal activities Romo claimed to be a member of the Gulf Drug Cartel (aka Los Zetas) headed by Santa Muerte devotee Osiel Cardenas who is currently serving 25 years in a Texas prison after being extradited to the US in 2007.  Cardinas has a history of threatening US federal officials who prosecuted members of  his billion dollar drug empire. [6]   The arrest of Cardenas' spiritual leader and business partner "Archbishop"  Romo most likely acted as the last straw for the Gulf Cartel who used Grim Reaper devotee Jared Loughner to do their dirty work.    

         Rep  Gabrielle Giffords and Judge John Roll had a track record of zero tolerance for drug runners who used the boarder state of Arizona as a major trafficking route for narcotics.  These two people are ideal  targets for murder  by which the Gulf Cartel could retaliate  for the arrest of Romo.   In fact Rep Giffords was instrumental in securing the services of the National Guard  for patrolling the boarder and  aggressively capturing dope smugglers and even reasserted the need for military boarder patrols just a few days before she was shot. [7]    
Judge John Roll had been threatened for years by the Gulf Cartel and even had Federal Marshal Service protection for a time.  Judge Roll was also one of the chief architects of harsh sentencing for convicted drug lords.  It is interesting to note that the Gulf Cartel's major Mexican critic, activist Susana Chavez, was ritually murdered on January 5, 2011 by members of the Aztecas gang  [8] -- just a few hours after  Romo's arrest.  The Aztecas are Los Zeta affiliates.  Thus within three days of Romo's arrest  the three biggest enemies of the Santa Muerte Cult were forever silenced.  The other victims at Safeway were caught in the cross fire of a drug war.   What are the odds of  all of this being a mere coincidence?  


         Jared Loughner  was obsessed  with mind control as demonstrated by his Youtude video page. 
[9]  It is possible that this was merely a diversionary tactic as a means to  debunk those who would claim that Loughner was a Manchurian Candidate programmed assassin.  It is clear that he had been stalking Rep. Giffords for years and closely monitored her every move.  In a strange instance Giffords was actually one of two people who registered for Loughner's YouTube page perhaps because he had been making phone threats to her office.  For all the years Jared stalked the Congresswomen why did he choose this time and date to act?  



          Early reports of the shooting noted a mysterious man seen with Loughner just before the rampage began.   Soon this person of interest was no longer under investigation and it is claimed that he was a cab driver who took Loughner to the Safeway and went into the store with him but was later cleared of any wrong doing.   The police refuse to release his name or what cab company he works for. 
[10] Who was he and what was his part in this murderous event?  Could he have been a Santa Muerte stalker who was assigned to Judge Roll?  Could he have ordered Jared to start the killings after he was sure Judge Roll was at Rep Giffords' event?  It is clear that Judge Roll went to Church and the Safeway on his day off for years and Loughner and this mysterious stranger may have compared notes and picked a date for death as a means to avenge the arrest of Romo.  This entire event generates more questions than answers, like did this aggression start when he was a kid, maybe as far back as middle school and more investigation needs to be conducted and all theories and facts must be scrutinized to get to the bottom of this horrible crime.
                                                                                                                                           Loughner shaved his head and eyebrows for his mug shot most likely to look like this common Santa Muerte Icon sold on eBay

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